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Thanks to having grown up in a family with a long culinary tradition, he was certain about his future from a very young age. Inspired by his grandmother’s gastronomic skills, he spent his childhood dreaming of one day becoming a chef and working in the best kitchens…

After learning the trade and completing his studies In Argentina, the opportunity of starting out in the profession arose away from home.

It was time to get to know other cultures, other ways of understanding cuisine. Employed by a Spanish firm, he began a long career in Europe. In a period of seven years he passed through numerous restaurants and hotels in different part of Spain, taking from each kitchen the techniques and values that made him the varied and innovative chef he is today.

Fede García has now brought all this knowledge home and transformed it into his own vision of cuisine.

Cocina de Instintos

Eating. a pleasure that moves us and unites us around a table. And there is nothing more pleasant than being the architect of that union.

When we think about food, those dishes intrinsically linked to their place of origin immediately come to mind, such as the Argentine barbecue (asado), the Peruvian ceviche and the Valencian paella. But although there is lots of variety, the most important component continue to be the hands of who prepares the food and decides upon the role of each and every ingredient. That personal touch is what really gives life to a dish.

Fede García is a chef of instincts. His fresh style thrives on improvisation, on the constant change and innovation of recipes. It is all about trial and error, mixing, combining and adding a pinch of this or a pinch of that until the perfect formula is found. This Cuisine of Instincts allows us to adapt the menu to the possibilities of each diner, utilizing the ingredients available to produce the best possible dish. This instinctive approach seeks to generate in the other person the importance and the care that one should take with each, such as creating the best balance of flavors upon elaborating and presenting a dish.

Asesoramiento Gastronómico


For those who need professional help to get started in the gastronomic industry or reorder active shops, Fede García provides personalized advice for the smooth running of a business.

With his experience in the industry and in food hygiene, Fede García also focuses on training staff in hotels, restaurants, catering, culinary schools, bars, etc.